Monday, April 9, 2012

What if the Maid Went on Strike?

So I've never been obsessed with a clean house.  While I was on maternity leave, I considered dust bunnies my pets, and didn't get hung up on keeping the house immaculate.  Just good enough was ok with me.  I do, however, like when things are tidied up.

In my perfect world, everything has its place, and it would get returned there after use so that when I went to look for it the next time, I would know exactly where it was.  School days are a case in point.  I stress the importance of the kids putting their hats, mitts, etc in their bins when they get home from school - that way when we are rushing in the morning to get out the door I can avoid the "Mom I can't find my mitts!".  I like to have things keeps my mind peaceful.

These days, my mind is not so peaceful.  As much as I try to organize the clutter in my house (and we do purge at least once a year), the "stuff" seems to overwhelm me.  And I'm not sure when it became only my job to make sure that things got returned to their place.  My kids will walk over a mound of stuff that is not put away and not bat an eye.  And my hubby (who I love to no end) leaves a trail of stuff behind him when he comes home.  And don't get me started on dishes left on the counter instead of the sink or in the dishwasher...

Most days, I just sigh and pick up the stuff that is in my way as I come in the door.  But there are days (and today is one of them) where I just can't handle it.  I look around and just see a mess - and I literally have to go hide in my craft room.  I'm left wondering what I have to do to get them to help me keep my sanity.  Maybe I should go on strike...would they notice when things didn't magically get put away? If I do this I would have to spend alot of time in my craft room away from the piles.
I'll keep trying to make them see - and if they don't then I will really consider going on strike.  If that happens, I'll give you all warning - cause there would be no visitors allowed!

Off to tackle a pile...

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