Friday, February 20, 2015

Ouch has a new definition

So I've talked a lot to my friends about getting back on track this year.  I know its about finding the time, putting it in my routine, and getting back to running which I love.  But let's be honest - it has been way too cold to run outside in Ottawa recently (and I do not love running on the treadmill).  So I decided to look for something else that would help me get back into the swing of things.

Enter Boot Camp.  An amazing fitness coach that I follow on Facebook posted that she was starting a twice a week, 30 minute boot camp near me.  I thought - Perfect!!  The timing works, and I can certainly handle 30 minutes twice a week.  Then I went to my first one.  All I can say is ouch.  Like serious, I can't put my socks on, ouch.  And I loved it.

I love the atmosphere of a small group of ladies with the same determined look on their faces. I really do like feeling like I've worked out cause my muscles scream at me for two days afterwards.  And I really like how motivating the coach is.  Btw if you don't follow Liz on Facebook you should - .  Not only is she inspirational but she is real...and she posts funny stuff too :-)

As much as I love Boot Camp I'm not gonna lie.  I could barely walk after the first session.  And lifting my arms to brush my teeth after the second session brought tears to my eyes.  And I found a new hate for burpees.  But I have a goal...I will be able to do a full set of burpees by the end...this is my focus for right now.  Well that and being able to comb my hair the day after the sessions.  And thanks to my sister for doing it with least we can commiserate together the next day.

As I've said before, try something new, find something you love. That is what will keep you on track.