Friday, June 27, 2014

Times goes by...

Yes, it has really been 6 months since I lasted posted a blog entry.  I could say that it is because I didn't have anything to say, but truth be told lots has happened in 6 months.  I just was too busy out living it all that I didn't take the time to chronicle it here.

That being said, I could not let today go by without taking the time to put a few words down.  Today marks a pretty big day for 2 amazing people in my life - my daughter and my nephew.

First my munchkin.  Today Marianna officially moves on from her elementary school and is heading to junior high school.  To say this is an emotional day for me doesn't even start to describe it.  This week I watched her at her Grade 6 Leaving ceremony and all I could think of was how grown up she looked.  She sat there in her dress and heels, with her straightened hair and jewels and all I could see was my little girl with big brown eyes and ponytails.

It hasn't always been easy for her in elementary school, but I am so proud of how she has finished out her stint there.  She has strengthened some very dear friendships this year, she has worked hard to get herself organized and she has matured a ton in the last six months.  Yes, she has grown up and I am ok with it - mostly cause she still doesn't mind me grabbing her in a big hug whenever I want.

As she moves on to Grade 7, my wish for her is for her to remember that every day is a gift, that she will have bad days but this does not equate to a bad life, that she can lean on those of us who care about her whenever she needs it and that both laughing and crying are necessary.  Oh and that mama bear is never far when she needs me :-)

Now for my nephew.  Today B officially graduates high school.  Wait what???  How is he old enough to graduate high school and be off to university in the fall?  This one makes me feel like I've been smacked over the head - I can't believe how fast he has grown up.  And I have to keep remembering that he is not a little kid anymore (although I do still grab him when I want a hug LOL).

We are so proud of the man he has turned out to be.  I watch him with my girls and my heart swells.  I don't know many 18-year olds who are willing to chat with his much younger cousins and not bat an eye as they tell him about their very challenging lives on the school yard.

B I feel truly blessed to have you in our lives...even when you give us attitude (LOL).  I am proud of all you have is not always easy, but if you remember that you have family that loves you and will support you no matter what comes your way, you can get through anything.

As you move on to university, I hope you remember to enjoy the experiences you will have.  I hope you remember that you have people to help when you need it (although don't come and see me or Katie about're on your own there!!).  And I hope you remember that Tio and I will always, always have your back - no exceptions.  I love you dude - can't wait to see all you will accomplish in the next phase of life...and I'll see you later for my hug!!