Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a Weekend!

So I've mentioned in a few blogs how crazy the month of October is in our house...and why would the final weekend (OK technically the first weekend on November) be any different?  Mostly fun stuff...let's see how short and sweet I can keep the summary.

Friday night I spent with some pretty amazing ladies.  A friend has an aunt who reads tea leaves, and she organized a reading for a few of us at her house.  To say I love all the psychic stuff is an understatement.  It fascinates me to no end so I was super excited to do this.  The reading was really cool - and very bang on.  It's a little freaky how someone you just met can read you with such accuracy.  For me, she honed in on the fact that I take on too much and need to let other people do things - and anyone who knows me knows that this describes me to a "t".  Thanks Sonia for hosting it, and I look forward to doing it again.

Saturday was Marianna's 10th birthday party with her friends.  I hired a magician to entertain the kids, and all seemed to have a great time.  I have to say, it was a very well behaved group I had at my place...especially given all the sugar I served.  It was really nice to see Marianna interact with all of them, and I got lots of thank you hugs at the end of it all. 

Saturday night I got to spend some time with the newest little man in my life - my nephew Evan.  My sister and brother in law headed out for a well deserved break and I got to get my fill of baby cuddles.  I got lots of smiles, and this child went to bed without a fight...a new concept for me given my girls were not good sleepers.  As I said to Katie, I'm on call anytime for babysitting duty!

This is where my weekend turns a little south.  I was supposed to spend Sunday at a mom and me scrapbooking event hosted by Sonia (go see her at but woke up with a headache this morning - a headache that turned into the nastiest migraine I've had in a long time.  For anyone who has never had a migraine, consider yourselves lucky ducks.  Mine subsided for a long time, but seem to have come back recently...and this one was a doozy.  Luckily I could stay curled up in a dark room for the day and, after a very long nap, it eventually passed.  Thanks to Sonia for understanding the last minute cancel, and thanks to Hubby for handling today on his own.

Now bring on the week.  I'm hoping this is a good one for all of us!

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  1. Loved having you come out to the Tea reading and yes my Auntie Laura rocks! Too bad you missed the Mom and Me, next time Hubby should come, he could have just hung out with my hubby while the kids scrapped!