Thursday, January 3, 2013

And my word is...

I've seen more and more recently where, instead of making a New Year's Resolution, people are choosing a word that they will live by for the year.  I've seen some good ones - simplify being one I almost stole!  I thought what a great started my journey.

I've been thinking (and agonizing a little bit) about what word I would choose to define my 2013.  Really?  One word that would help me model what I wanted the year to be...that's pretty stressful!  Especially when I've already ruled out patience as a contender.  Not to say I don't need to find some, but I'm pretty sure it would be an epic failure of an experiment if I picked that one (case in point:  I've lost my patience with my girls already and we are January 3rd).

So with that one out, I wanted to pick one that would be significant - one that when I thought about it I would remember why I picked it.  One that I could incorporate in some artwork for my walls this year.  So here goes...drumroll word is content.


The verb and the adjective.  I want to strive this year to feel content; to remember that I live a content life.  Don't get me wrong - there are days that are quite hellish.  Days where I'm pretty sure I will not make it to bed time.  Days where I literally just have to go into a quiet room and get my bearings. 

The thing with knowing that the crappy days exist is that they make me realize that there are really good days too.  Days where I look around and think " is pretty good these days".  I'm thinking the key for making this my year of "content" is remembering that the off days shouldn't be the defining moments in my story - that privilege should be saved for the moments that make me giggle or that make my heart swell.  And as long as I can remember that, I think it will be a pretty good year.

So here goes nothing...let's see how the experiment unfolds.  Out with the resolution, in with the word to define my 2013 - content.


  1. Good luck with your word! It's a good one - we should all feel more content with our lives.