Monday, February 4, 2013

January gave me whiplash!

OK...anyone else look at their calendar this week and realize that we're in February already?  What the heck happened to January?  I feel like I missed the whole thing!

Oh well...even though I feel like I ran out of days, we did do some celebrating.  January is a big birthday month for us.  My father-in-law, my husband and my (not so little anymore) nephew all have January birthdates.  I usually host a birthday dinner for hubby and my nephew.  As the number in our family grows, the smaller my house feels when we all get together.  Tons of fun nonetheless!

What else?  Parent Council meetings resumed, got to spend a fun evening scrapbooking with some amazing ladies, kids activities were back in full swing...oh and we had a couple of days with kids down for the count with tummy issues.  A pretty normal January!

OMG I almost forgot!  Hubby and I booked a "just me and him" vacation for end of February.  We're headed to New Orleans!  Truth be told, I was ogling somewhere more south with a beach, but New Orleans has always been on our bucket list so we are super-stoked!  I can't wait to see the sites - and have a conversation with my honey that is not interrupted a thousand times by the chirping of little ones LOL  We'll miss the kiddies, but they are in good hands while we are gone.

As for how I'm doing with  my "word of the year", it's amazing what a difference committing to a word can make.  I find myself thinking "be content" when things get crazy.  Don't get me wrong...still plenty of "are you kidding me?" moments.  But I come out on the other side of those with a smile on my face...most days.

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