Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mantra Shmantra!

K so I was really gung ho after my last post.  I was changing the way I thought, and I was really big on the "Do it, do your best and just let it go".  Then life threw some stuff at me and my new-found mantra went (momentarily) out the window.

It seems like for the last week or so I've been living in the twilight zone.  Lots of "what the heck is going on" moments...and not the good kind.  In one of the moments, I found myself sitting at my desk grumbling under my breath.  I was complaining to no one in particular how ridiculous the situation was, how it was unfair, how everyone involved was stupid.  As I brooded, I caught myself getting more and more worked up.

I ended up posting a cryptic status on Facebook about my day taking a nose-dive (yep...I'm one of "those" people on FB).  I had a friend ask me if everything was ok.  I continued my grumbling to her, to which she promptly replied:

"Remember your mantra.  Do it, do the best you can, then let it go."

Hmph.  But an amazing thing happened.  I immediately felt better.  Was I really helping the situation by getting myself worked up?  It was not in my power to change the outcome, so who was I hurting by brooding?

Once I was out of the dumps, I also started to see that what I was doing was exactly what I was preaching to my daughter to stop doing.  I had been encouraging her to let things go...was about time that I followed my own advice.

Truth be told, I was able to get together with a few friends that night...they all listened to me be upset and  vent.  It felt really good to get it all off my chest...then I went home and peeked in on my sleeping daughters and realized that in all the ways that count, life is pretty blessed these days.  All I needed was to shift my perspective. 

Well that, and have some dear friends to remind me of the importance of letting it go.  And a glass of wine to simmer my nerves didn't hurt :-)

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