Friday, April 26, 2013

So I've got this other blog...

When I started writing this blog, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to keep it up.  Turns out, I really missed writing - and this space is a perfect one for jotting down everything that is running through my mind.  Whether its related to my family, my kids, my friends, or just rants about stuff in general...I find it very therapeutic and love getting feedback from everyone about my posts.

So a few months ago, I started a separate space where I wanted to chronicle my journey this year.  For those who know me, its a journey that I've been on for most of my adult life - one of weight loss.

My reasons for wanting to lose weight have changed over the years; I wanted to look better, I wanted to buy cute clothes, then I wanted to get healthy so I could keep up with my kids.  Whatever the reason, I've always wanted the number of the scale to be smaller.  Just to be clear...I've always been pretty comfortable in my skin - I just always wanted to be a few sizes smaller.

I got the idea to chronicle this journey from a fellow blogger - the philosophy is that writing it down and seeing the progression helps to keep you on track.  I decided that I didn't want this space to center around my weight (and let's be honest I have way too much other stuff to say!), so I created a new blog where the focus would be my ups and downs.

Here's the thing - initially the plan was not to share this other blog.  It was just for me.  But I realized that I was using it to give kuddos to the buddies who are doing this with me - and I needed to give credit where credit is due.  So chances are I won't actively share these posts often...but sure will when one of my buddies keeps me focussed or when I hit a milestone.

For anyone who is starting (or continuing) down the road to weight loss, feel free to share your blog with people. Celebrating successes are a must!!

If you want to check out my ups and downs, here you go:

Happy reading...

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  1. That's awesome Julie! I too strugle with my weight and have good weeks and bad weeks. I truly understand the ups and downs and am sending you positive vibes of encouragement!
    Karen Wasilka