Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Ally!!

Being a mom was always high on my list of things I wanted to experience, and 8 years ago I became a mom for the second time to a beautiful baby girl.  She chose to make her appearance at 1:00 in the afternoon, and she let us know the minute she had arrived...man that girl had lungs.

From the time I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, we had decided on the Alexandra - and I immediately started calling her Lexi.  But the minute she looked up at me with her big brown eyes, I knew without a doubt that she was an "Ally".  And thanks to my dad, her full name ended up being Alexandria - and the name became as unique as my little girl has turned out to be.

I'm having a hard time believing that my baby is turning 8.  It really does not seem like 8 years since she joined us.  Time is truly flying by, and I try everything I can to slow it down...but the birthdays keep coming.

You are truly an amazing little girl.  Your smile lights up every room you walk into - and I love that you always have a smile for anyone who needs it.  You amaze me everyday with how big your heart is, and how you always try to see the best in everyone.  I love that you love school and love to read - and the fact that you love to shop means that you didn't fall far from the tree :-)  While I am in no hurry to have you grow up, I truly look forward to having a spa partner and someone to take on shopping sprees.

Don't ever change who you are my love.  It can be hard to be "everything to everyone", but your tenacity, confidence and independence will get you through anything and everything life has to throw at you.  Just remember that Mommy, Daddy and Marianna are always here when you need us - and know that we will come to you for hugs and a smile when we need cheering up.

Happy 8th Birthday my munchkin.  I love you more than you could ever imagine - and I am truly grateful that we were blessed with you 8 years ago.  I look forward to living every moment with you.


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