Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day I'm a little late with this post, but I figured better late than never.  Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads that I know - especially my Dad and my husband.

Let's start with the first man in my life, my Dad.  So I'm told I take after my dad in alot of ways - when I was growing up and people would meet me for the first time, they would always know "who I belonged to" because I was a Murphy through and through (for some reason I now look more like my mom so maybe my girls will end up looking like me at some point - I can dream!!).  Probably the biggest way I take after him is that I internalize my feelings...this means that I don't tell my dad how much I love and appreciate him nearly enough.  I know he knows how I feel, but I promise to be more vocal about it - even if it freaks him out a bit LOL.

If I created a list of all the reasons my Dad was the best, this post would never end.  I will just say that he is the reason my standards were so high when I went looking for a husband, and I love him more than I could ever express in words.  Thank you Dad for always being there, and for letting me make my own decisions (good or bad) growing up.  Made me who I am today :-)

Now for my husband - and I'm pretty sure I won't get through this paragraph without crying.  My dear, you are an amazing Daddy.  I loved you before we had kids, but that love has grown exponentially since we've become parents.  Watching you with the girls (especially when you don't know I'm watching) is a true pleasure for me.  I love how you can make them giggle with a sentence, how you can make them smile with a look and how you make the world a better place with a hug.  Our daughters are truly lucky little girls to have you as a Dad - but they know all bets are off when they start to date...then I expect you to turn into the overprotective Dad that I need you to be!

I wish I had started this earlier, but this year for Father's Day, I had the girls make signs that say the reason they love their Daddy...and I put them on display.  Here is what they came up with.  Interesting how he is supposed to be the strict one, and still ends up getting all the kudos for being the most fun!!

Love you loads and loads!

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