Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holy time crunch!

Let me start by saying I love Christmas.  I love everything about the holiday...spending lots of time with family, watching the kids excitement as they tear into their gifts, good food, sparkly lights - what's not to like.  But I dislike December.

Every year I swear I will be more organized.  I will start shopping early; I will bake and put stuff in the freezer; I will start my Christmas cards in September.  Then December 1st comes around and the panic sets in.  Where in the heck am I going to find time to do all the stuff on my to-do list while trying to enjoy the season?

Admittedly I do some of it to myself.  I insist on making my own cards to send out (I do between 50 and 60 every year), I've become known for showing up at events with my baked goods and I do try to find the "perfect" gifts for everyone on my list.  Means alot of pressure on myself to get it all done - oh and this year I am trying to make time to get to the gym too.  Yeah I'm thinking this year something will have to give cause I just won't be able to make it all happen.  Maybe I'll bake less and do less elaborate cards - I can give up my perfectionist tendencies just for December, right?

Or maybe I'll just do like everyone else and give up sleep for the month of December and crash in January.  As much as I say every year there is too much to do, somehow it all gets done LOL

K enough bah humbug.  If you run into me, remind me to take a breath and enjoy the season.  And don't take it personally if your Christmas cards arrive after Christmas!  And if I'm unreachable in January, I'm probably catching up on my sleep - either that or I've convinced hubby to take me on a vacation.  In either case, I'll be chilling out after the craziness that is December.

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