Saturday, March 9, 2013

Do as I say...

I'm sure we can all complete the phrase "Do as I say, not as I do".  I always hated that saying.  Should we not be modelling behaviour we want others (i.e. our children) to copy?  I always thought the lesson should be "you are permitted to copy what I do"...of course then I had children and, although I really try, sometimes I want them to forget when I start to rant or lose my cool.

Forward to today.  I have an exam next week (first step to a new job), and have squirreled myself away in my office trying to prep for it.  My daughter even said to me that "preparation is the key to getting a good result" - something I've been trying to teach her this year when she complains she does not want to study for a test cause she knows it all.  I was all ready to practice what I have been preaching.

Ya right...

So what am I doing when I should be preparing - I'm writing a blog post - after I visited Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Oof...thankfully my girls are downstairs and cannot witness my procrastination.  They can't see that I am not following my own advice.  And I can stay the sage mamma for a little while longer.

Off to get back to prepping...after I go make a tea :-)

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