Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lessons 2013 Taught Me...

I couldn't let the year come to an end without a "wrap up" post. Yes, I know I'm a few days late, but if I've learned anything about finding balance in my life, it's that some things can wait.  Lots has happened this past year. Some pieces are my stories to tell, other pieces are I thought the best way to wrap it up was to write about what I've learned from all that went on. So here goes (in no particular order):

1.  Life is too damn short not to live it with intention. And it seems like when you forget to live each day like it matters, you get a whack over the head with some piece of reality that makes you remember how precious it is.

2.  You can never say I Love You to those that count in your life enough. Even those with a tough exterior need to hear it often...and we should do it now while we still can.

3. I am stronger than I thought both physically and mentally. Well most days mentally...other days I'm a big freaking mess!  This year I took up running. I shrunk in size it got stronger with every stride.

4.  My kids are growing up and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I'm super proud of the little ladies they're becoming, but it is very hard for me to watch them exert their independence when all I want to do is shield them from the world. I'm still working on the whole "let them make their own mistakes" thing, but I swear I am working on it.

5.  My family is super strong. A few bumps in the road this year, but I saw strength where I had forgotten it was. And I watched us rally the troops, link arms together, and say "we got this".

6.  I have some amazing people that I get to counts my friends. I've gushed about how great they all are in a number of posts so won't get mushy here. All I will say is that I truly hope that my daughters find people in their lives like these ladies. People they can count on, who make them laugh from their toes, who are honest with them and who hug them when they need it. Oh and at least one friend must have a porch for late night chats...that is a necessity!

7.  My kids have their own amazing strength. I think as adults we forget that being a kid is hard. It's hard to fit in (and some kids can be really, really mean!),  and peer pressure to be like everyone else can wreak havoc on self esteem. I watched my girls deal with stuff this year that made me want to bring out mama bear, but they handled it in their own way (see #4...I really am trying).  I love to see their strength and compassion, as long as they know tears are ok when they're needed...and mama bear is lurking the shadows if she's needed too.

8.  Finding balance is hard. Like really hard. I always feel like I'm missing out on kids stuff, that I'm not working hard enough, that I should be making more elaborate meals, that the house isn't clean enough, blah, bla, blah.   Here's what I know right now...I'm doing the best I can do and that's all I can do. I've worked hard this year telling the voices in my head to sit down and shut up...and they're getting a little quieter. I'm not sure they'll ever disappear, but I've come to realize that "doing too much" is how I roll. I've also learned it's ok to ask for help...that one I'm still working on but I'll get there!

So there you have lessons from this year. I do plan to keep blogging here...I just can't promise how often. I'll be out racking up more lessons. :-)

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