Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside...

I hate the cold.  Anyone who knows me knows I would rather hibernate curled up beside a fire with a good book for 5 months rather than venture out during the winter.  Every year around this time I become convinced I should have been born in a warmer climate.  But I live in Canada - which means I have to suck it up and just head out.  On the plus side, winter hasn't been so bad this year.  Above normal temperatures meant that I could go outside without dread...but it was just a tease.  The last couple of days the temperature has dropped and, since it is outside of my control, I am trying not to let it affect my mood.

Given the likelihood of my daughters living their lives in Canada, I am trying not to pass on my aversion to the outdoors in winter to them.  They seem to love bundling up and rolling around in the white stuff *shudder*.  So this year I will try to head out more with them.  I will put on layers of clothes and go out just to hear them giggle when they make a snow angel.  Maybe, just maybe, the sound of them having fun will warm my heart enough to make me forget that my fingers and toes are freezing.  Maybe...

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  1. You know once you get the bundle down it is super fun! Its getting out there that sucks!