Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekends how I love thee!

What's your definition of a perfect weekend?  I've thought about that question quite a bit...if I could plan a perfect weekend what would it entail?  Usually, my thoughts stray to visions of sandy beaches, warm weather and lots of shoe and bag shopping.  Or jet setting to Europe just to have crepes in France and Arroz de Mariscos in Portugal.  All of these, although out there, would fall into a perfect weekend category.

So would this weekend.  It was a weekend filled with some of my favorite things - scrapbooking, painting (not the kind on the walls - that I hate), hanging out with some fantastic ladies, shopping with a friend, and spending time with hubby and my girls. 

While there was no warm weather (cause it was downright cold this weekend), and no amazing Portugese seafood dishes (although that may come at my MIL's tomorrow - fingers crossed), as I sat on the couch beside my hubby tonight with a glass of wine I felt all warm and smushy inside.  Perhaps its time for me to re-think my definition of a perfect weekend...and there is still tomorrow!

Who am I kidding...still think a jet set weekend to Europe would still pretty awesome, but if I can't have the fantasy, weekends like this one are pretty damn good!


  1. ahhh I feel so special! BUT you are completely right!

  2. Sounds like a pretty darn perfect weekend indeed!!! Enjoy! And hey, dreaming is wonderful too! xo