Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cool Experience

This weekend my daughters had the opportunity to participate in, what I think, is on every little girls' wishlist.  They got to be in the Ottawa Wedding fashion show and model some gorgeous gowns.  Did I mention they also got to have their hair and makeup done, and everyone ran around to find whatever they needed?  Forget little girl dreams - I think that makes it onto the wish lists of most women I know!

It was so much fun to watch them get all dolled up and twirl around in their pretty gowns - my real life princesses.  We took lots of pics (I think my camera-loving hubby took about 600 over two days) - which was great for me cause I didn't actually get to see them walk the runway.  I was their "dresser" and was relegated to back stage.  Note to time hire someone so I can enjoy the show too!

For the oldest, the glitz had lost its shine between shows 3 and 4.  I asked her what was up as she sat slumped into a chair.  Her answer?  "Mom, it was fun for awhile, but man its hard work to do this stuff."  My little tomboy was tired of being hair-sprayed and lip glossed, and the speed changes between dresses were very stressful on us both!

As for my youngest, she was right in her glory.  She loves this stuff - at one point she asked me to get the hair lady because a piece of hair was falling over her tiara...and then she waved her hand at me. weekend and she goes all diva on me!  Truth be told, this is the same little girl who doesn't like to do anything that makes her sweat, and informed me at 4-years old she needed to marry a real prince so she didn't have to work.  Good luck, my love!!

It was tons of fun, and I gained an appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes at these shows.  The audience gets to see the gorgeous final product, but there is a ton of hard work that goes into it.  Hats off to all those that make a living doing this!  For now, it was just a crazy weekend full of laughs (mostly) and we got some amazing pics for the scrapbook.

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