Sunday, January 15, 2012

Perfect Gift..

OK...from the title you're probably thinking this is going to be some deep post about getting the gift of time, my children or something along those lines.  It's is about a gift my daughter got for Christmas.

For at least 2 years, my oldest daughter has been fascinated with dinosaurs.  She has insisted that she wants to become a paleontologist.  Since she found out there was a career where she could study dinosaurs and go dig out their bones, this has all she has talked about.  And, although she doesn't love school, she doesn't bat an eye when we tell her she will have to study a long time.

For Christmas, my sister gave her a dino excavation kit.  Yesterday she cracked it open, and she could barely contain herself when she saw it was a REAL excavation kit.  It's basically this big piece of clay, and you use the tools they give you to chisel out the dinosaur bones.  With great care, she got every piece of the bones out...the look of determination on her face as she swept the dust from around the exposed pieces was awesome.

She finished it today, and assembled the pieces of the wooly mammoth.  She was so proud, and told us it was her first of many digs.  I love that she loves this stuff...and without a doubt it was one of the gifts that stood out the most.

Thanks further convinced your niece that digging in the dirt is what she wants to do.  And watching her smile and be excited through it all was a side gift for me...

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