Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dress Success and Pressure Points

So here is the first post where I couldn't decide what to focus on (promise it won't be the last!) so two discussions for the price of one!

This promises to be an exciting year for our family.  My youngest sister is having a baby, and about 8 weeks later my middle sister is getting married.  I am so excited for both events that I can't think about either without having this silly grin come across my face.  Yesterday we had a shopping excursion to look at dresses - wedding and bridesmaid.  Was sooo much fun - I got distracted often by all the pretty dresses and sparkly accessories.  I could've been there for hours!

Once they got me to focus, the hunt was on.  Luckily my sister is a pretty laid back bride-to-be so we had free reign to choose.  The only criteria was that it not be too formal (its a Friday night wedding) and had to be comfortable.  After a few duds, am glad to report that my sister found a dress she loved (and looked absolutely fantastic in), and we found a fun dress that is the winner for the bridesmaid pick.  One thing down...

The downside of the shopping trip was towards the end I got a massive headache.  Not unusual for me, but it put a damper on things for me.  While I was trying to deal with it, my little sister grabbed my hand and started to rub a pressure point between my finger and thumb.  After a few seconds all I could think is "where has this pressure point been all my life??".  I've suffered with headaches for as long as I can remember, and have tried lots of things to help deal with them.  This worked - it looks weird but I swear it works.  For those interested, here is what I'm talking about:

Glad to say I have another way to deal with headaches going forward - and I've learned sometimes younger sisters can be wiser.  All in all, yesterday was a good day...

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