Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blah days

We all have them.  Those days where we would much rather stay curled up in bed under the covers than venture out to greet the world.  Unfortunately, most of us don't have the option but to drag out butts out from under the covers and face the day.

We should get banners or pins to warn those that cross our paths on those days.  Something that says "just stay out of my way today" to anyone who dares to strike up a conversation.  Or one of those Men in Black pens that makes people forget that we snapped at them for really no good reason.

Today was one of those days for me.  I woke up feeling blah - it took everything for me just to get through the morning routine and head into work.  Then nothing was going right for the first hour I was at the office (I'm sure in retrospect the freaking out I did will seem very unreasonable) AND my computer crashed.  Really...did the universe not know what I needed was just a smooth ride for the first half of the day??

Good thing I work with some great people (who I will apologize to tomorrow).  By 2:00 I had had enough.  I headed out into the snowstorm (OK...by a Canadian's standards not yet a true storm but it was snowing and I had to clean off my car) and made my way home.  Now I'm looking forward to hanging out with my sister for a bit tonight...maybe talking babies with her will cheer me up.

And maybe not.  Maybe today I was destined to just be in "one of those moods"...and that's ok.  Who says we have to be happy and jovial all the time.  Tomorrow when I wake up, I will try to roll out of bed with a smile...for today I may just choose to wallow in feeling blah.  And heaven help anyone who tries to convince me to snap out of it...fair warning that my response (which will include a nasty look and an eye roll) will reflect my mood today.

Interesting thing?  Now that I've shared my lousy mood, I'm actually feeling a tiny bit better.  Am reserving the right to eye roll though...


  1. Totally true. Love your blog...this was an awesome resolution. Keep it up!!!

  2. I think there's something going around - maybe it's the January ho-hum-hum-drum where everyone wants spring to come -- but there's been quite a few people feeling the same way. We should all go out for coffee and sit there without saying anything.