Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking forward...

I started to think today about all the exciting things that this year has to offer.  My sister is getting married, my baby sister is having a baby, I'm hoping to do some house renos and, in October, I will officially be a mom to a kid in double digits.  Looks like I picked a good year to start chronicling!

While these all promise to be exciting occasions, I was reminded by a friend recently that life is more than just the "occasions", and it's important to find the joy in the things we do daily.  This same friend challenged a bunch of us to do a 365-day photo adventure.  The jist - take a picture everyday for 365 days.  At the end of the year, you have a perfect start to a scrapbook that shows all the things you found joy in that year.  So I'm in...I can already think of a few things that will make the list.  My girls sleeping, unsolicited smiles, my morning coffee.  Can't wait to pull the camera out!

Am also hoping that this will remind me to, every once in awhile, stop and smell the roses...the first step to trying to get balance.

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